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Fresh food and juices made from scratch with locally-sourced ingredients. 13 years experience in the industry and counting.

Eat Healthier, Look Better & Feel Stronger with Zero Effort


As of this autumn. the 5-Day Plant-based Food Programme has a new menu. I’ve kept some of my favourite and most popular dishes that have always received good feedback over the years, but I’m adding some completely new ones too that I hope will bring a touch of novelty to your taste buds.

The Plant-based Food Programme relieves you of the pressure of cooking, the stress of deciding what to eat, the frustration of skipping meals and feeling hungry, the guilt of emotional eating.

It changes your relationship with food and you get to experience the tremendous positive impact a healthy plant-based diet has on the way you look, the way you think, the way you feel, and the way you live your life.

Rejuvenate & Detox


Either you do it for weight loss, detox and cleansing, or just as a quick and easy way to get more vitamins and minerals into your body, juicing done right has incredibly positive effects on your general well-being.

Brighter skin

Better sleep

Weight loss (the healthy kind)

Healthier body

Motivation boost

Refreshed energy levels

Productivity improvement

Happier mood

Indulgence Made Healthy


The Afternoon Tea Box is a selection of plant-based treats, sweet and savoury, made from scratch with natural ingredients and home-delivered across the UK.


We’ve decided to turn the Afternoon Tea Menu into our newest regular product after the unexpected success it registered during the first time we ran it for Mother’s Day. We’ll soon be able to launch this as a full-time on-demand product, available for you to order anytime you want, but in the meantime, we thought to keep it as a monthly product that you can indulge yourself with in a healthier way than your average convenience full-of-refined-sugars-and-additives products.



Develop Healthier Eating Habits


Taking control of the food you feed yourself and your loved ones has never been more vital.

This cooking course will help you master the art of simple, healthy plant-based cooking in your own home, using day-to day-ingredients and equipment.

You will learn how to cook in a way that rewards your body and your mind and supports you to achieve your goals and enjoy your life more.

  • 7 modules, 20 cook-along videos, 65+ recipes & downloadable content
  • Vegan, Refined-sugar-free and gluten-free recipes included
  • No specialist equipment needed
  • Accessible ingredients

Inspired Eating Course Price @ £99.00

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