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Vegan Sushi Rolls with Cauliflower Rice

Perfect for a light lunch or an easy snack. When I make these I’ll normally make up a good batch of all the elements and keep them in the fridge so that I have ready to go snacks to keep me going for a couple of days! Its so easy and fun to play around with nori rolls and create lots of different fillings for them. Get started with mine and then give it a go …

  • Cuisine: Vegan lunch/snack
  • Preparation Time: 30 Minutes
  • Soaking Time: 2-4 hours
  • Total time: 45 Minutes
  • Servings: Makes 1 portion per Nori sheet
  • Requires: A food processor,  blender, chopping board, knife, mixing bowl, spoons.



  • Sunflower Seed Mayonnaise:

    • Soak 200g of sunflower seeds in filtered water for between 2-4 hours.
    • Rinse the seeds well with fresh water and drain off any access
    • Put in a blender or food processor with 50ml tamari, 50ml apple cider vinegar, half a ripe avocado, pinch of pink salt, paprika and juice of half a lemon.
    • Blend until smooth, depending on the blender you may need to add a little water to help this blend, if you do may sure you taste and alter the seasoning accordingly.

    Tomato Salsa:

    • Finely dice the plum tomatoes with the onion into a bowl (approx 5mm dice)
    • Finely chop your fresh basil and add to the bowl with onions and tomatoes (dried basil is also ok)
    • Pour all three liquids into the diced mix and mix well.
    • Leave for at least 2 hours for the mix to marinate (and up to 48 hours maximum)
    • Drain off your mix and put into a container ready for use

    Cauliflower Rice:

    • Take the outside leaves and the middle stalk out of your whole cauliflower.
    • Chop into small florets and put into you food processor, a little bit at a time, with an equal amount of desiccated coconut or coconut chips.
    • Pulse the mix until fine and fluffy – but not too much or it will go wet and puree-like. It wants to resemble rice.
    • Keep doing this in small batches until all the cauliflower has been used.  Be careful not to do too much at a time as this will affect the texture and be too wet.  Place into a mixing bowl.
    • Melt the coconut oil by putting your bowl into some warm water.
    • Mix the coconut oil, nectar and pink salt into the rice.
    • Chop parsley (or herbs and spices of your choice) and mix these into the rice, turmeric or paprika is really good with this rice.

    Putting Your Nori Rolls Together:

    • Place the Nori Sheets in front of you, on the worktop with the cutting line vertically placed, not horizontal.
    • Covering about a 3rd of the sheet, spread a horizontal line of the sunflower seed mayo in the middle of the Nori Sheet, about 3mm thick.
    • Then place a flat layer of the cauliflower rice (about 4mm thick) on top of the sunflower seed mayo.
    • Use about 3 tablespoons of the tomato salsa mix to then cover the rice layer, also adding to that a layer of the sliced avocado and a layer of beansprouts.
    • Melt a very little bit of coconut oil to stick the nori roll together with. This will also help to keep the nori fresh and crispy if you want to keep them in the fridge for a few days.
    • Working away from you, start to roll the built nori roll stopping 1cm before you get to the end, and apply your coconut oil brushing it onto the top of the sheet. Then continue to finish rolling.
    • Brush a little more coconut oil onto the outside of the roll and store in the fridge for ten minutes before eating.

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