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Cinnamon and Tahini Porridge

vegan Cinnamon Tahini Porridge recipe jay halford plant based cooking course


Cinnamon and Tahini Porridge

Not just any bowl of porridge. This recipe is sweet and so creamy. The tahini adds so much flavour and texture to this porridge and also means that this recipe is packed full of protein, omega 3 and 6, calcium and good fats. The perfect way to start the day keeping you full and satisfied for a long time or as a post workout breakfast.

Makes 1 Bowl / 1 Portion
Total Time: 15min
Plant based Cooking Course Jay Halford
Prep: 5min
Cooking: 10min



  • Put the oats, nut milk and tahini in the saucepan over medium heat and mix well, bringing it up to heat.
  • Bring porridge to the boil and reduce to a simmer for 4-5 minutes. Stir regularly until the porridge is cooked and creamy.
  • Add in the honey, cinnamon and sea salt.
  • Spoon the porridge into the bowl and top with chopped almonds and a little extra drizzle of honey, and the banana too if you are using it.

Equipment needed:

Small saucepan, wooden spoon, tablespoon, teaspoon, serving bowl


Banana is amazing with this. Either add the banana at the beginning or slice and place it on the top after the porridge is cooked

Top Tips:

Tahini has quite a strong flavour, especially when it is in porridge. I’m love tahini but if it isn’t for you then replace the tahini with almond butter or a more subtle nut or seed butter. Alternatively, you can leave it out completely and enjoy the porridge on its own.

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Cinnamon and Tahini Porridge