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Cashew Nut Frosting

vegan cashew nut frosting recipe jay halford plant based cooking course


Cashew Nut Frosting

The perfect cake frosting, its full of goodness, made from zero percent dairy and tastes absolutely awesome and will set nice and firm after a short amount of time in the fridge.

Makes enough to cover a 12inch cake
Total Time: 2hr
Plant based Cooking Course Jay Halford
Prep: 10min



  • Melt the coconut oil by standing it a bowl of hot water
  • Half and juice the lemon
  • Place all of the ingredients into a blender and blend until super smooth and creamy
  • Either store in the fridge for later use or cover a cake with it straight away

Top Tips:

A decent blender helps get this really nice and smooth.

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Cashew Nut Frosting