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vegan hummus recipe jay halford plant based cooking course



If there is one thing I could learn and live off as a result of this course, this would be it. I love hummus so much, I could have it with almost anything. Be sure to give this a go and have a good play around with some different variations of it too.

Makes a good size dipping bowl
Total Time: 15min



  • Place the chickpeas into the hight speed blender – a high speed blender is always my preference for hummus to get it as smooth as possible (a Nutribullet will work fine for this too) or alternatively if you have neither a food processor will work just won’t get it to the super smooth consistency that we want
  • Add all of the other ingredients to the blender and season well
  • Blend on full speed for 1-2 minutes until the hummus is super smooth
  • Serve and enjoy


I love to play around with houmous and when creating new flavours there are so many options and things that work so well. Here are a few ideas:

Beetroot hummus – Roast one whole beetroot and add it into this recipe

Chilli hummus – Add cayenne pepper to this recipe. I will leave the quantity down to your preference

Adding tomato salsa to hummus like I have done here in this video lesson is also a huge winner.


If you don’t have a high speed available to you and you are using a food processor, a good way to get your houmous smoother is to peel the chickpeas. It is a bit of a tedious job but is well worth it and will make all the difference.

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