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Dairy Alternatives

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Dairy Alternatives

With so many plant and nut milk options nowadays, people are starting to turn away from dairy slowly, but surely. It’s getting more and more difficult to ignore the science backing up the fact that dairy products (especially processed dairy) have negative effects on the human body.

Remember the saying, “Drink a pint of milk before you go out drinking?”

It is absolutely true as it completely lines your stomach so that nothing can be absorbed by your body. This includes the good stuff that we want to absorb too, so drinking and eating dairy can block your bodies from receiving the goodness from the food you eat.

In all the fancy restaurants that I have worked in over the years, there is a CRAZY amount of dairy used and it has become second nature to cook with bottles of cream and blocks of butter. That needs to change in your cooking from home if you want to improve your health and the quality of food that YOU are eating.

Dairy is also extremely over-processed and can contain loads of unwanted ingredients and hormones from the animals that it comes from. Natural is always best with as little processing as possible.

In most of my recipes in this course, you will notice that I skip out dairy. This is a personal choice I made trying to test what other healthier options there are – as I found plenty, I decided to stick with it. 

More often than not I go with oat milk or coconut milk (unsweetened versions) but feel free to try them out and choose the one that best suits your taste buds. There are plenty of plant/nut milk recipes very easy to make at home, too. All the nut milk recipes are more or less the same, the only thing that differs is the kind of nuts you use. You can find a recipe for homemade almond milk on my website, to get yourself started.