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“Juice and Raw Food Week” at The Core Hideaway, Marbella

The Core Hideaway, Marbella : Juice, Raw Food & Yoga Retreat

We’ve been asked for a while to develop an ultimate retreat experience to go alongside our super healthy stores and nourishing juice programmes.  Well now we’ve delivered, and in true Core style, what we hope will be one of the most beautiful, relaxing and nourishing retreats in the world.

Chef – Jay Halford will be here with us preparing amazing meals and snacks!

We’ve chosen this secret hideaway Villa in the heart of Marbella, a perfect place for a private detox retreat which includes either a Juice Detox Week or a Raw Foods week, combined with yoga and a host of other options. This beautiful haven is rated #1 on Trip Advisor and is 10 minutes walk (or 3 minutes jog) from the main Marbella beach.

“The Core’s Retreat will be like no other. It will be a unique seven day mind and body journey to fully detox, recharge, reboot and inspire you. ” — Kris Talikowski


RAW FOOD WEEK : 9th – 16th October 2017

On the juice week, you will be getting two juices and two smoothies a day plus fruit and herbal teas, some health shots, and supplements. It can also be used as an effective weight loss programme for those looking to lose weight whilst at the retreat.

Here’s what you can expect on a typical day…


For more information and bookings….


Quote “JayHalford” When booking to receive a free copy of my ebook!

Raw Food and Juice Masterclass with Jay & Chris

Come and join Kris and Jay for an awesome evening of talks and interactive workshops!

Raw Food Made Simple – Talk & Raw Food Sampling Session With Jay

Have you ever wondered what raw food is all about? Maybe you have questioned how you can create delicious meals out of fruits, vegetables, seeds and other amazing plant foods? Join Jay – raw food chef and owner of The Core Cheltenham – and discover all you need to know about raw food.

Here, you will learn the following:

The Basic Raw Food Kitchen

Learn what ingredients you will need to start off making amazing raw food at home.

Raw Food Tools

Jay will demonstrate how to use your blender so that you can create your own nut milk, show you how to operate a spiralizer to make noodles, teach you super-speed chopping skills and much, much more.

A Full Raw Food Day

You will discover how to make an entire day based around raw food; Jay will guide you step by step to show you how to create the most delicious breakfast, lunch, dinner AND desserts.

Ask The Expert

Pitch your nutrition and raw food questions to Jay; maybe you want to know what the benefits are; find out what exactly raw food is; does it help with digestive problems… Jay will explain how and why raw food is so beneficial for the body.

And, it doesn’t end there!


A Talk & Juice Demonstration With Kris – How Juicing Can Kick-Start Your Health

Have you ever wanted to discover the power of freshly extracted fruit and vegetable juices and how they can radically boost your health and kick-start you on a path to increased energy, better skin, better sleep, and the health you always wanted? If so, then this is the talk for you.

Core owner, Kris, invites you to his signature workshop where you will be taught how to make a few simple steps that will transform your health.

At the talk & workshop you will learn:

How Juicing Boost Health

How the science and studies into juicing can help every aspect of health

The Best Ingredients to Juice

Find out what juices best and, most importantly, how you can become a master of your own juicer.

Juicing vs. Blending

Learn what ingredients works best in juices and smoothies. How your blender works differently to your juicer – create the ultimate smoothies and juices.

Best Fruit & Vegetable Combinations

You will be taught how to create your own perfect recipes with the best fruit and vegetable combinations.

What To Eat When Juicing

To reap the benefits of juicing, you will find our what delicious and nutritious foods you can make and eat alongside juicing.

How To Juice Fast

Juicing doesn’t have to take up too much time – how does juicing AND cleaning up in only five minutes sound? You will be given top tips to ensure daily juicing is super quick and possible in your busy schedule.

How Supplements Can Boost Juicing

Kris will go through his top five supplements to take and why they’re good for you and how they will make your juicing experience incredible.

Sound good? Come and join us. We hope to see you there!

The Core Team 🙂