Let’s re-write the story of the Chef…

The Global Chefs Academy has been formed to redesign the lives and stories of established chefs, people in the hospitality industry and people aspiring to become the next generation of culinary creatives. 


At The Global Chefs Academy, we believe and know that we have the power and the resources to change the world of food and the way people see and receive it. We believe that if we provide people with what they really want and what they know they need, then the entire culinary experience could be transformed. The food we put into our bodies is one of three most important parts to a human existence.

At The Global Chefs Academy, we focus on the entire journey: the person and the food. We start from the beginning, opening up an entire world of opportunities for the people we train, the producers that we work with and the venues that we work from. 

Inspiring the culinary creatives of the future..

The Global Chef Academy is build around these 5 important pillars, they are the keys points of what we believe and the way we teach:

  1. Where our food comes from
  2. How our produce gets to us
  3. How the food is processed to get on to our plates
  4. The effect to our planet; Sustainability, fair trade and Zero waste
  5. The people. producers, creators and consumers


  1. The Professional Retreat Chef
  2. The Vegan Chef
  3. The Raw Chef
  4. Chefs in Business

Who is the Global Chef Academy For?

  • Our courses are for everyone, whether you would want to join our team and make a career/business off the back of the course, or if you are focused on doing it for your own personal development and journey and to learn more about food for yourself and your life.
  • Please consider that this is a professional culinary course and the majority of people that are taking part will be using the course as a means of developing their culinary skills, career or business. All attendees will, therefore, be treated the same and expected to fully immerse themselves and contribute to the group on the course.
  • It is advised, however, that if you are really looking for this course to open up or further your career in the industry, then it will be necessary for you to have basic experience and skills with food preparation and in the food business.

At The Global Chefs Academy, we always run our chefs training in collaboration with actual retreats. This means that you will get hands-on, practical experience cooking for real people, by cooking for a running retreat.  

Though lodging will be at a separate location, it will only be a few hundred meters away from the retreat that we are catering for. 

You will experience being a chef at the retreat, cooking for a group of people who are in the process of changing the way they live and eat, while learning about a new lifestyle. They have the privilege of tasting everything that you will be creating and learning about on the course. 

These retreats may range from retreats for women, yoga, meditation and much more. They will be paying clients and will, naturally, have high expectations from the food delivered to them. As part of the training we will providing workshops and demos to the group too. 


Are you organising a retreat abroad and in need of a reliable, experienced chef?

What began as a sideline to my business has now become my full-time job. Over the last 4 years, I have built a great client base and am now lucky enough to travel around the world providing full-time catering for retreats. You can see a little bit of what I do below:

Whether you are running a yoga or detox retreat or a retreat that requires high quality, healthy food then I am your man.

Where have I been and what have I done?

  • At least 4 times a year I am in Bali and the UK catering for the amazing Melissa Wells and guests at her retreats. My food falls perfectly in line with Mel’s philosophy and is 100% vegetarian. We focus on buffet-style serving, which reinforces her message of having the choice in what you eat and when you eat. The food in Bali is reflected in the retreat’s catering; guests are able to enjoy creating their own Buddha bowls and building their own super, healthy breakfast.
  • Bootcamps – I have a mass of experience and have worked with 3 different bootcamp companies focusing massively on nutrition, feeding them and educating them correctly so that they can achieve their goals
  • Yoga Retreats – My food fits perfectly into the world of yoga and I have worked on many Yoga retreats around the world.
  • Star Magic Energy Healing – Meditation and healing training with Jerry takes me all over the world; Romania, India, Holland and the UK. We work alongside guests to ensure they get the best possible experience of working with Jerry. We often cater for vast numbers of up to 60 people who will eat 5 times a day!
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One-to-One & Group Sessions

Want to work with me one-to-one or as a group?

For these sessions I can work with you on a one-to-one basis in your kitchen at home or at an arranged venue for bigger groups. These sessions can include anything from knife skill classes to full on cooking days, where you can create your own 3 course menu for you and your friends.

Whether you are looking to improve your cooking skills to assist in cooking healthier foods for you and your family, or wanting to change your career and become a chef, I can design a bespoke session to meet your needs and requirements.

What do you get in a standard one-to-one session?

Set across a 5 hour day I will come to your home and spend time educating you on how to get you equipped and ready for your new, healthy life of amazing food.

We will begin by going through your kitchen cupboards, then work through a variety of ingredients and a recipe pack, which I will have ready and waiting for you to keep. You will also receive my raw food starter kit, which will include plenty of goodies and ingredients worth over £100.  I will even make you lunch– if you can eat any more after all the tasting of new recipes all day long!

For pricing and to discuss how you would like your day to be, please feel free to send me a message and I shall get right back to you.

Want to hire me for your special event or a dinner party?

Whether it be for a wedding, dinner party, birthday, as a private chef or workshops, demos, one day events or canape parties–I can deliver. I have a wealth of experience in outside catering and can work with clients right from the beginning, planning menus that perfectly suit the occasion and needs.

Everything will be made and prepared from my unit in Cheltenham and ready to go when I arrive with you and swiftly taken away again at the end of the event.

Private Chef:

Alternatively, if you need a full-time solution I am also available for longer, private chef jobs and can work with you for whatever your needs might be.

Check out my Sample Menus Here

Do you need the perfect menu for your business or event?

I can help you do this in person or by email. Whether you need a menu for intolerances, veggies and vegans, planning a menu for a big party, or a big wedding day, I can help tailor a menu to satisfy your needs.

Do you want to bring your food business up-to-date to reflect the boom in health food and veganism?

People are becoming increasingly mindful about their food consumption and intolerances, meaning businesses are having to respond appropriately.

I can help you with: menu re-development, educating you and your staff on products and recipes that are going to help bring your business to the next level; making changes to your current dishes and redeveloping them to cater for these changes.

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Corporate Retreats:

Let us organise and create the perfect wellbeing retreat for your group or company.

Hit the button below with any enquiries and we will get right on it.

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Check out some of my awesome testimonials below:

Mell Wells

Bestselling Hay House Author, Worldwide Speaker, and the UK’s leading Eating Psychology Coach and Self Love Expert,

Running energy healing and meditation workshops, trainings and retreats for diverse groups of people from all over the world, is a challenging task. The dynamic created in this environment full of mixed personalities is always an unknown. You never know what you will be faced with and we have had to deal with some crazy situations. Working at and creating these holistic retreats requires a steadfast bunch of capable, strong and dedicated people and I feel blessed beyond words that Jay Halford is a part of our growing and expanding team. Jay is solid. I never have to wonder or question or think: 'will it get done?'. Jay over delivers every single time, is always on point and the food is second to none.
Jay's food is off the chart amazing and also everyone loves his personality. We have chucked Jay into some high pressure situations and he doesn't batter an eyelid. He smiles and says "no problem" and the job gets done. I can't recommend Jay enough. If you want someone in your kitchen that's punctual, friendly, over delivers, always prepare the best meals that are loved by everyone and someone that has your back, regardless of the situation, Jay is your man.
Can't thank you enough Jay for the magic you bring to our workshops and training's.

Jerry Sergeant

We have used Jay's culinary skills for private dining at home many times now. We were looking for the ability of enjoying hosting a party rather than constantly being in the kitchen. Jay Halford offered the solution. With a brief meeting Jay was able to design a menu that ticked all the boxes using fresh, seasonal ingredients and he was able to cater for every need. Initially, the first party was an intimate dinner in our home for ten guests; succulent fresh lamb with a cranberry jus.

We live in a contemporary, open-plan home so Jay was very much on show whilst cooking. As we enjoyed mingling and drinking Jay was hard at work in the background. What was also really fantastic was the fact that Jay had all angles covered bringing with him any staff needed, cutlery and plates or slates to serve our dinner on. All I had to do was dress the table prior to his arrival. Everything was cleaned and tidied as they went along so that at the end of the meal there was very little left to do other than to keep the party going!

The first dinner party was so successful that we used Jay again and again each time a different menu and a different vibe. We would highly recommend Jay and his team and will continue to look forward to his every changing menu ideas!


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