Introducing Plant-Based: A 35 Recipe E-book – To Get You Inspired!

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My introducing PlantBased Ebook includes all you need to get started on introduced more raw living and plant based foods into your diet – Daily. Including over 35 delicious recipe from Juicing to Breakfast, Lunch and dinner. Not only Recipes but loads of kitchen tips and information on why its good and of course all the best product recommendations from someone who has been doing this professionally for a long time!

Do you dream of a healthier you, but just can’t seem to get started? This multi-purpose E-book has been written to help introduce you to a whole world of Simple, Tasty, Real food.

My E-book will:

1. Introduce you to Raw foods and teach you about why you should be incorporating them into your everyday diets.
2. Introduce you to the best ingredients and the correct equipment to be using and link you straight to them for your ease.
3. Get your diet on track for a new fitness programme.
4. Cut dairy, gluten and processed foods from your diet.
5. Explore this new way of eating and the food involved.
6. Explore new ideas of what to eat, if you have recently switched to a vegetarian or vegan diet.
7.  Discover new ideas and unbelievably tasty recipes.
8. Give you all the best tips on juicing, blending and some awesome recipes to go with them too.

I present to you a 35-recipe e-book for the tastiest, real food!

You don’t need to be a superstar chef to be able to make the recipes in this e-book. Living plant-based is actually so much easier and so much faster once you understand it, and that’s my main goal with this e-book–to inspire you to incorporate more of it into your life. ‘Incorporate’ is the key word; I will never preach and tell anyone how to eat I just truly believe in incorporating more living foods and fruit and veg into your diets, meaning you will ultimately be healthier, which is a great place to start. You will discover that making food can be quick and easy– you don’t need all this processed rubbish, which we as a nation, are consuming huge amounts of! 

All that you really need is a decent knife; all of my recipes in this plan give you a variety of levels at which to work. Take it at your own pace so that it fits in with your life.

Some recipes will require you to use some fancy equipment like a dehydrator or a spiralizer but the relevant recipe will recommend which one to buy should you wish to do so.

I’m very happy to answer any questions that you may be struggling with on your journey. Whether you’re unsure of which brand of tamari to buy, or which dehydrator or blender to add to your kitchen. Just get in touch!