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plant-based recipes

Cooking plant-based is really easy, even though it may seem a hassle knowing how to mix the right kind of ingredients to make your every meal nutrient-balanced and delicious at the same time.

This is why I put together some of my all-time favourite “Plant-based recipes” that are my go-to when I don’t have a lot of time on my hand. The desserts in this free eBook are my favourite, to say the least – they allow me to keep my sweet tooth under control as I get to eat chocolate without all the nasty ingredients that convenience products contain. Yay!

You can find more plant-based recipes on my blog,,  and you can also enjoy the refreshing power of a plant-based diet through my Plant-based Food Programme – a week’s worth of cooked plant-based meals and juices, prepared by me, and delivered straight to your door. For more details, kindly visit:

There is a general truth that applies to each and every single one of us, a vital reality that will become humankind’s common ground, an innate need that you, me, and the entire world is feeling more and more each day: plant-foods need to become the main part of every person’s daily diet, for your sake, for your loved ones’, for our future generations, for our planet to be healthier, for all the right reasons. It’s high time.
plant-based recipes