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Every once in a while a kitchen gadget comes along that blows my mind. The Vitamix is one of those products that I use pretty much each and every day because it is so versatile; you can create smoothies, soups, purees, cheesecakes, cauliflower rice and energy ball mixes (and the occasional cocktail, too!)

The super-speed blender looks pretty awesome on the counter and works its magic on so many various ingredients that I often find myself looking upon it as a personal challenge to see what it can’t help with. Another bonus for me is it being portable enough for me to take with me to retreats, or wherever I may be travelling to work, as it does the job of so many different products in one. Oh, and it is so easy to clean;I don’t have time to spend hours on fiddly bits and pieces and as we all know, cleaning up is the least popular part of cooking and this fits in with my busy schedule, perfectly!

I mentioned earlier how versatile my Vitamix is; the main reason being is that you can have interchangeable jugs/containers that can be suited to any task that you require, whether it be portion size, or wet and dry ingredients.

Wide Bottom Containers:

  • Have longer blades, which shorten the processing time as there is more power at the tip of these blades.
  • Great at food processing and chopping a big batch of ingredients.
  • You can use a lot of ingredients and can create larger batches to make things like hummus and nut butters, etc but isn’t so good for smaller quantities.

Narrow Bottom Containers:

  • You can create smaller batches and focus more on dry chopping.
  • Good to create thick recipes, if making nut butters for example, you wouldn’t need to make such large batches as you do with the wide bottom containers.

Wet Blade Containers:

  • Comes with every basic Vitamix package. A wet container is what you will use for the majority of your blending, especially things that are going to be ‘wet’; smoothies, soups, nut butters.
  • The wet blades can also grind and knead dough but this best suited to the dry blade containers.
  • There are a variety of ‘wet’ containers with different sizes to suit your particular needs.

Dry Blade Containers:

  • Best used for grinding ingredients that is intended to stay dry; flour, breadcrumbs, coffee beans, flaxseed, etc.
  • These cannot process liquids efficiently, this is best suited to wet blade containers.


If you want to grind nuts or make cauliflower rice, you will need to make sure you chop these ingredients into smaller portions, as the bottom of the jug has a small surface area.

My Personal Recommendations

Take a look at a range of Vitamix blenders, which will be a welcome addition to your kitchen:

Vitamix Total Nutrition Center Blender, 2 L- Black

Vitamix Professional 300 Food Processor & Blender 2L (40% Quieter)

Vitamix S30 Personal Blender, 1.2 L, 950 W – White

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