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Either you do it for weight loss, detox and cleansing, or just as a quick and easy way to get more vitamins and minerals into your body, juicing done right has incredibly positive effects on your general well-being.

Brighter skin

Better sleep

Weight loss (the healthy kind)

Healthier body

Motivation boost

Refreshed energy levels

Productivity improvement

Happier mood





Why should you juice?

Because it’s the fastest way for you to feel better physically and mentally.

When it comes to juicing, there is the regular kind and the cleansing kind.

Regular juicing should be part of your daily diet. You can have a filling smoothie as a healthy on-the-go breakfast when you’re in a rush, or as a substitute for snacks to outsmart your sweet tooth, and you can definitely have an energy booster juice instead of that 4 pm coffee you go for whenever the annoying afternoon slump kicks in. 

If you want to use fresh juices as a supplement to your daily diet, there is a custom-programme available for you. This program is especially recommended if eating fruits and vegetables doesn’t come naturally to you, so you don’t miss out on the vitamins and minerals that your body needs to function properly. 

Juice Cleanses

Give your body time to heal and recharge.

As a general rule, a juice cleanse:

Supports your body natural detox process

Allows your digestive system a rest from processed foods and drinks

Cleans your gut from toxins and residual waste

Floods your body with healthy nourishment

How do you know if you need a juice cleanse?

Listen to your body!

One of the reasons you may be reading this is because you haven’t been feeling at your best lately and something tells you it has to do with your eating habits. If that’s true (and I have a feeling it is), that “something” is your body telling you that you need to break the pattern, start fresh and take better care of yourself moving forward. This is your chance to do just that.

Listed below are some of the problems you may be currently experiencing and a few of the most important benefits you’ll get out of my juice cleanses. Depending on how many hit home from the following, you’ll know if a juice cleanse is what you need right now, or not.

If you’re currently struggling with:

✘ Not feeling happy with your body
✘ Stomach problems
✘ Bad skin
✘ Poor sleep quality
✘ Headaches
✘ Sugar cravings
✘ Unhealthy eating habits
✘ Feeling unmotivated
✘ Struggling to focus
✘ Post lunch slump
✘ Feeling tired most of the time

My juice cleanses will help you:

✔ Lose weight (the healthy way)
✔ Feel less bloated
✔ Brighten up your skin
✔ Improve your sleep quality
✔ Build up a natural defence against your headaches
✔ Tame your sweet tooth
✔ Reset your taste buds
✔ Drink more water
✔ Feel more alert and motivated
✔ Improve your mental focus
✔ Heal, detoxify and refresh your energy levels

What makes my juice cleanses different?

They are meant to support YOU before anything else.

These juice recipes are based on the main reasons why people avoid them in the first place: the lingering hunger, the off-putting taste, the disappointing results. 

While I will leave the juice programme testimonials to speak for the results people get after doing my cleanses, I want to briefly explain to you why and how these juice recipes keep you feeling full, while making your taste buds feel like heaven.

Delicious and refreshing, even the green one which I assumed would be less so.

Joana Skinner5 Day High Veg Juice Cleanse

It’s all a matter of balance.

It’s really a very simple principle, called “regular food rotation” and it means adding a wider variety of fruits and vegetables into your juice at the same time. The “secret” is finding the right combination, the right dosage, and the right order in which to combine them so that the body receives plenty of nutrients that will make you feel full during the day.

Additionally, I found a way to disguise the vegetables that are very high in nutrients but have a particularly strong taste (like celery, kale or spinach), by pairing them with the right kind of fruits, so that you won’t even notice they’re there while still benefiting from all their healthy goodness.

Small steps matter.

These are some of the main reasons why most of my customers who start with a 3-Day juice cleanse extend it once they get to the final day – they don’t feel hungry, the taste keeps them excited for the next juice, and the more they do it, the better they look and feel.

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Juice Cleanses Testimonials

"The 7-day juice programme was absolutely incredible!!! My energy levels were the highest they’ve ever been, my skin was flawless and the weight loss was amazing. I have never felt better in myself. The juices were so filling that I didn’t feel hungry once - an easy, sustainable 7 days where I didn’t have to worry about what to cook in the kitchen to keep ‘on track’. Honestly couldn’t recommend highly enough. People don’t realise how good their body is supposed to feel!"

Emma Louise Bell7 Day Protein Juice Programme

"Before I started the juices I felt bloated, lethargic and generally a bit ‘urgh’. Day 1&2 I had a low-grade headache, which I think was due to caffeine withdrawal. By day 3, my IBS had settled down and skin was noticeably brighter. I wasn’t hungry at any point and also drank and enjoyed so much water! By the end, I was sleeping better and had more energy. I will definitely be doing it again in the future and probably for a longer duration."

Kerry Anne Hanks3 Days Standard Juice Programme

"I thought it would be hard to complete a juice cleanse but it was a great experience and so great to just feed your body 100% real food - really convenient too! After my cleanse I feel so much lighter, brighter and I'm way less bloated. My skin is glowing and I'm feeling way more energised than I was before. I'd highly recommend a juice cleanse to anyone looking for a boost!"

Zoe Harwood5 Day High Veg Juice Programme

"All of them were delicious and refreshing, even the green one which I assumed would be less so! I used them as a substitute for lunch and a snack twice a day for a week and felt so much healthier and more positive. Since then I've been having one every day. I might even try to get my veg-averse 4-year old to have some, to get some goodness into him that way rather than the constant food battle we have."

Joanna Skinner5 Day Standard Juice Programme

Juice Programs FAQ's

>> What is a Juice Cleanse?

As a general rule, you should know that a juice cleanse:

– supports your body natural detox process;

– allows your digestive system a rest from processed foods or drinks like refined sugars, refined carbs, alcohol, caffeine, meat and dairy;

– cleans your body from toxins and residual waste;

– floods your body with healthy nourishment.

Because there are periods of time when you end up eating too much of the wrong kind of foods and drinks, and nowhere near enough fresh fruits and vegetables, your body will start feeling and showing your food choices.

A juice cleanse allows your digestive system a rest from processed foods or drinks that it might take a while to break down, that you might be intolerant to, or that might cause you an allergic or acidic reaction. These are namely refined sugars, refined carbs, alcohol, caffeine and dairy.

Juice cleansing is a fantastic way for you to supply your body with raw, nutrient-rich juices and smoothies consistently over a period of days, so you can clean your gut from all the residual toxins, clear your mind and start feeling better physically and mentally.

>> Can I eat while on a juice cleanse?

You can do whatever you want, it all depends on the kind of results you’re looking for.  If weight loss is your goal, you should feel satisfied with just the juices and smoothies alone. The best way to get the most out of a juice cleanse is to stick to it, but if you fear it’s too much for you or you feel the need to eat during the program, the key is to eat raw, nutrient-dense foods and whole foods. So you can have a banana, avocado, cucumber and carrot sticks, even unsalted and unroasted nuts and seeds are fine (in moderation).

The most important thing of a juice cleanse is giving your digestive system a rest from processed harmful foods, so you should stay away from any refined sugars and carbs, and do your best to take a break from caffeine, alcohol and dairy during the cleanse, as much as you can.

>> Where’s the protein and fibre?

One of the most frequent questions, indeed, but an easy one to answer. Proteins (or their building blocks Amino Acids) are found in anything dark green and leafy (like spinach, kale and broccoli), which can be found in your juices and smoothies each day. We also blend avocados into two of your daily smoothies, to add essential fats, fibre and amino acids into your juice cleanse. And if you are on a Protein Cleanse, we’ll make sure you get the extra proteins, just like you asked for.

These juice-cleanses are meant to support you be healthier and feel better, so it’s my priority to keep my word and deliver on my commitment.

>> How many juices/smoothies do I get?

You will receive 2 smoothies and 2 juices for each day of your juice cleanse. The custom-made juice programs differ, as per special requirements or seasonal offers.

>> I have an allergy. Can I still do a juice cleanse?

If you have an allergy then we can alter your program for you. Please just let us know on the online form when booking your juice order. We’ll contact you before making your program to better understand and confirm your allergy information too.

>> What do I need to give up if I start a juice cleanse?

In order for you to really benefit from a juice cleanse, I strongly recommend that both caffeine and alcohol are avoided whilst on the program. Dairy too, if you can, as well as any processed and refined foods, understandably.

>> I’m looking to build muscle. Can a juice cleanse benefit me?

If you’re looking to maintain or build lean muscle while getting more vitamins and minerals into your body, the Protein Juice Cleanse is what you need. Hemp protein, greens and avocados are the base of this cleanse, so you can receive all 9 amino acids that are essential for maintaining and building muscle. The Protein Juice Cleanse also includes peanut butter and almond-based smoothies, it’s really everything you need for your protein fix.

>> Do I have to do a juice cleanse?

Juice cleanses can really help you achieve your goals with their planned structure and tailored ingredients. However, if you are just looking to increase your fruit and vegetable consumption on top of your existing diet, then choosing a custom-made juice program is an ideal way to do it. You can store the juices and the smoothies in your fridge, or freezer, and then use them as and when needed. You can find the current juice menu below.

Juices and Smoothies Menu

Juices Menu

carrot, apple, mint

beetroot, parsnip, carrot, apple, lime

Iron Man
kale, spinach, parsley, sweet potato, apple, lime, pineapple, cucumber

carrot, apple, lime, pineapple, mint

parsnip, mint, spinach, pear, apple

Energy Boost
cucumber, celery, kale, lime, apple

Mineral Magic
carrot, ginger, parsnip, pineapple, apple, lime

Total Tonic
cucumber, celery, apple, ginger, lemon

Smoothies Menu

Morning Blast
blueberries, banana, apple, oats, honey, almond milk

Blush Puppie
strawberry, blueberry, lime, pineapple, apple

chocolate coconut milk, strawberry, honey, mint        

Mango Lassi
mango, banana, yoghurt, orange   

Tropical Twist
banana, yoghurt, spinach, lemon, pineapple, apple

Blood Booster
beetroot, carrot, apple, lime, avocado      

Super Greens
apple, ginger, lemon, kiwi, cucumber, spinach, avocado

Calcium Kick
spinach, cucumber, pear, apple, celery, lime, ginger, avocado

Carrot, pineapple, celery, lemon, avocado


2 x 500ml juices + 2 x 500ml smoothies daily
50% vegetable / 50% fruit ratio

This is an excellent way for you to boost your health or kick-start a weight-loss regime. You will get two delicious juices and two satisfying smoothies each day – all of them are rich in nutrients and they will help your body cleanse and detoxify, leaving your skin brighter, your waist thinner, helping you to sleep better and feel more energized and motivated throughout your days.



2 x 500ml juices + 2 x 500ml smoothies daily
70% vegetable / 30% fruit ratio

If you like your vegetables more than you like your fruits, this program is exactly what you were looking for. This cleanse splits the vegetable content to 70% and fruit content to 30%, for you to get even more vitamins and minerals in your body. The High-Veg Juice Cleanse is ideal for you especially if you’re already familiar with juice cleanses and want to try something even healthier!



2 x 500ml juices + 2 x 500ml high-calorie smoothies daily
High protein content

If you’re an active person, into sports or physical training, this Protein Juice Cleanse is for you. You’ll get one juice, one smoothie with extra avocado, and 2 high-calorie plant-based protein smoothies each day. The recipes include hemp protein, greens and avocados, providing all of the essential amino acids you need to feel like you’re running on batteries – plant-powered batteries 🙂



2 x 500ml juices + 1 x 500ml smoothie + 1 x 500ml soup
+ 1 power ball and 1 detox tea each day

As the cold season settles in, your body tends to crave more comfort and warm foods, but this comes at a price. Loading up on unhealthy foods to make up for the cooler temperatures and the fewer daylight hours can leave you feeling heavy, bloated and in the mood for nothing, really. This is why this custom-made juice and soup programme is exactly what you need! The fresh juices will get you energized, while the comfort soups will keep you warm and happy.

I’m here to hear you out.

If you have any questions regarding my juice cleanses and programmes, please feel free to send me an email at I’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

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