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What was the first thing that you were taught as a child about diet?


This is the first thing that we ever get taught, and the main thing we forget as adults, when trying to live and eat well in our later lives. This is really the only thing that makes sense to me and what I live by. As long as we are eating high-quality, natural live foods in the majority of our diets; the rest will come naturally.

For me, food isn’t about calorie counting. It’s far more than that. Food is nourishment; it’s about giving people the knowledge they may not have access to so easily. I’m not a nutritionist, by any means, but I am a chef. A chef that can show you how to make amazingly tasty food that you both desire and enjoy. And you can enjoy making it as well as eating it. Diet fads will always come and go, but one thing will always remain the same – natural, live fruits, vegetables, nuts and seeds. These are the foods that our body needs and it is the only thing that makes sense to me.

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Somewhere along the line we as humans get lost and dragged into believing we need to diet in order to be eating well and chase that goal weight that we have always wanted. We live off fast, convenience food choices and over-processed foods because we tell ourselves that we are too busy and just don’t have time in our busy lives to stop and prepare real food. Truth is, weight should never be the goal. In fact there should never be a goal at all. We should be enjoying our food the way that it should be and not get influenced by faddy diets. The food industry has grown by marketing so-called health products over the last few years and we as a nation have actually developed so many more allergies and intolerances from eating what is not natural to us.

By re-educating myself and those around me, I know I can combine my passion and knowledge and change people’s lives back to how they should be.

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Now although a lot of my recipes are vegetarian and vegan, don’t be put off at all. I will not for a second say that you need to be 100% vegan, vegetarian, raw, paleo or any other label that people have come up with to get you to spend your money. I just simply want to show you how to make food that will help you reach your optimum health and lead you down whichever path you find best. After all, and most importantly, it’s your body and you have to find what works for YOU. 

Over and out

Jay x

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Author Jay Halford

Jay Halford - Professional Michelin star trained chef and real food fanatic. I’m on a mission to re-educate people back into realising how easy it is to make the transition into feeding their body what it so desperately craves.

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