Introducing Raw

Free Online Video Course to introduce you to a healthy, raw food lifestyle.

Learn to make 5 quick, simple and nutritious plant-based recipes on my free online video course.

What You will Learn:

In this course you’ll learn my favourite simple week day meals that I cook every week. I’ll walk you through each recipe step-by-step to make 5 delicious and healthy recipes. Each recipe in the course includes a follow along video, printable recipe sheet and ingredients list.

Lesson 1 – Raw Pad Thai Salad

My take on a pad thai but RAW! Vegetable noodles and a strong asian dressing that will for sure get those tastebud tingling!

Lesson 2 – Bircher Museli

Super healthy and super fulling breakfast, full of goodness. A real quick and easy breakfast option.

Lesson 3 – Smoked Pecan Nut and Avocado Tacos

One of my all time favs! Romain leaf tacos filled with a smoked pecan nut meat, tomato salsa, avocado and The best cashew nut cheese ever!

Lesson 4 – The Nutty Smoothie Bowl

The Ultimate breakfast bowl with a cashew nut smoothie base topped with muesli, fruit, chopped nuts and seeds!

Lesson 5 – The Chilli Chocolate Mousse

Chocolate has never been so healthy! Raw cacao at its best! A super smooth creamy chocolate mousse!

What is ‘Introducing Raw’?

Introducing Raw is my first ever online video course that i have made totally free for you to enjoy and learn from with some of my favourite tried and tested recipes. I don’t believe that going 100% anything is good for anyone, so I have really focused on this course being super simple, teaching you techniques and recipes that you can incorporate into your diet at home and still eat the things you want to along side them. If you make no changes to your diet except adding these 5 recipes into your diet on a regular basis that is a great start and will ultimately improve YOUR health! See you in lesson one >>>>>>

Why Start the Course?

  • Improve your diet by incorporating more raw livings foods
  • Each recipe takes no longer than 40 minutes to make
  • No plans just simple, easy, natural recipes that taste awesome
  • No crazy equipment or weird ingredients that mean you need to go and spend a fortune, you’ll understand every recipe and ingredient.
  • Complete the course at your own pace
  • It’s completely free!

How it works

Each recipe in this course guides you through each dish with follow along tutorial videos, step by step instructions and printable recipe sheets to use in the kitchen.

Throughout each recipe video you will not only learn how to make the dish, but learn loads of new and transferable kitchen skills, as well as learning more about some the ingredients we’re using in each dish.

Let’s get cooking!

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