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plant-based guide

There are so many opinions about plant-based diets nowadays that it can get quite confusing to understand what’s true and what’s not, what’s healthy and what’s risky for your health, how far you should take it and if it’s even worth trying it in the first place.

For you to be able to make an informed decision about plant-based eating in this overloaded informational universe we’re living in, or at least to offer you a comprehensive starting point, I’ve put together the “Introducing Plant-based: The Definitive Guide”.

I wish this guide to be the missing link you needed to start believing that healthy eating habits, centred around natural plant-based foods, are the foundation of a healthy happy life, without any shadow of a doubt.

This guide features 123 Key Takeaways on Plant-based:
  • Plant-based myths and misconceptions debunked
  • Useful Dos and Don’ts when following a plant-based diet
  • Tested Tips to help you get started on a plant-based diet
plant based guide