No Regrets Tattoo Studio and NR Social are joining forces to provide Free Fresh Food Boxes to vulnerable people in Cheltenham,
who have been most affected by the Coronavirus outbreak, including the elderly, the homeless
and people with chronic, preexisting health conditions.


Offered for free to vulnerable people in Cheltenham
affected by the COVID-19 pandemic.

Delivery included.

What we can do:

  • Cook and package 200 fresh freezable meals a day
  • Prepare and bottle 100 fresh juices a day
  • Order fresh fruits and veggies from our local suppliers
  • Deliver 50 Free Fresh Food Boxes a day

What we have:

  • One professional certified kitchen
  • 1 volunteer qualified experienced chef
  • 1 volunteer qualified experienced chef’s aid
  • Volunteers for delivery

What we need:

  • 50 donations of £10 each day
  • To raise £500 a day to buy ingredients, takeaway containers and cover petrol costs*

*1 Fresh Food Box = £10 (ingredients, packaging, petrol)
50 Boxes = £500


Free Fresh Food Boxes is a donation-based initiative, 100% transparent – all donations will be used to order the ingredients, the take away containers and to cover petrol costs for transportation. The entire program depends on the availability of ingredients and on the amount of donations we receive daily.

However, it’s hard to know whom to trust nowadays and with money not coming that easy lately, people need to make sure their donation is in safe and trustworthy hands and we salute that. To make this process as transparent as possible, this is the dedicated page where we will post daily updates with the amount of donations we receive, the quantity of ingredients we purchase, as well as photos and thoughts from behind the scenes and out on the field, just to keep you informed every step of the way.


What’s included?

One Free Fresh Food Box contains:

  • 4 Freshly home-cooked freezable meals
  • 2 Freshly squeezed juices
  • Mix of fresh fruits and veggies (upon availability)

Who is it for?

  • Single self-isolating elderly people
  • People with chronic, pre-existing health conditions
  • The homeless
  • Any person going through a difficult time

We are aiming to help self-isolating elderly and vulnerable people and also homeless people in Cheltenham. We have shared our initiative to home carers and local care agencies who look after self-isolating elderly and vulnerable people who can’t leave their homes, as well as to shelters who we hope will help us reach the homeless people of Cheltenham who are going through very hard times with some of the local kitchens having to shut their doors.

Nevertheless, if you know anyone in need of help,
please make us aware of their situation and we will do everything we can to reach out to them too.



Help us spread the word and raise more donations.

Thank you for your resilience and for your kindness.