Frequently Asked Questions

A useful introduction into raw food, burning questions that I’m sure you all have and a further insight as to why I’m so passionate about incorporating it into my food as much as possible. Here’s a rundown of questions I’m often asked…

At what temperature is food classed as raw?

The defining temperature of raw is 42°c.

Why eat raw food over cooked food?

When we heat our food over 42oc (when I say food, in raw food I’m mainly talking about nuts, seeds, fruits, vegetables, pulses and legumes) it totally changes the structure of the raw product and kills essential nutrients and enzymes in our food.

What are the health benefits of eating raw?

Raw foods contain a lot of essential nutrients and enzymes that essentially die when we cook them. Enzymes are something that our bodies create by themselves until we reach our late teens/early 20’s and then natural production stops. This is essentially what causes ageing and our bodies to start deteriorating. The more natural enzymes that we can get from our food the better, and the more our bodies are getting as a whole.

Where do you get your protein?

Nuts, seeds and pulses are full of plant based proteins and because it’s in its natural state, our bodies know how to focus it better and put it to better use. It’s live protein gram for gram can even be more than any meats. Most protein in meat dies with the animal and takes a lot more time and energy for your body to process and digest. Leafy greens and avocados also contain all 9 essential amino acids which are essentially the building blocks for protein, so as long as we are getting a good amount of greens our bodies are getting what it needs, whether that be from food or juicing, which is also a great way to get more protein in your diet.

What about calcium?

Leafy greens, especially spinach, are a great source of plant based calcium, as are many seeds, such as chia and sesame. Again these are far more usable by the body and loads easy for it to deal with.

Do you advocate going 100% raw?

No! I don’t believe 100% of anything is good for us, I don’t even believe in the word diet (you’ll notice I never use it). I am all about incorporating more, but never 100%. I will never tell you how to eat, just suggest ways to make it better.

What’s the easiest way to change my diet to incorporate more raw?

If you haven’t already downloaded my free eBook, that’s a must, and take a look at my free video course that is on There is loads of into on there on how to get started. But believe me, once you get started it is actually a lot easier than cooking! You just need someone to give you a basic understanding and keep going from there. Oh, and don’t be scared to changed your cupboards!

Why do you keep saying to soak nuts in your recipes?

Soaking nuts is a very important step, not just for raw food, we should be doing it for all food! You’ll hear me talking about this a lot in my recipes. Soaking nuts breaks down something called an enzyme inhibitor that all nuts contain. This is basically a barrier between the goodness in the nuts and our bodies. Soaking them breaks it down and makes it a lot easier for our bodies to digest and get the goodness out of them.

I hope this has helped answer any questions you might have. If there are any questions I haven’t answered, or if you would like to make any suggestions of additions to this page, please do send me a message via my contact page.

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