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Nurture And Thrive Retreats – Gorran Haven, Cornwall

1st – 4th March 2019

Lamledra House, Gorran Haven, Cornwall

It’s all about you – let us create a bubble in which you’ll thrive!

A long weekend filled with nurturing and delicious Plant Based food & juices, with scrumptious raw desserts to indulge you. 

A weekend where you’ll learn how to let go, how stress affects the mind & body, how to tap in to your intuition, relaxation techniques, yoga, manifestation creativity, energy healing and much more… 

All within a beautiful house & grounds near the beautiful Cornish coast. 

  • 3 nights’ accommodation
  • All nutritious raw & plant based meals, drinks & snacks
  • Full weekend’s programme of teaching, healing & exercises (see sample itinerary)
  • Yoga classes
  • Bed linen & towels
  • Weekend gift to take home
  • Recipe booklet & healing exercises & coaching tips (emailed to you after the weekend)
  • Healthy takeaway treat for your journey home

What’s not included

  • Travel to and from the Retreat weekend
  • Any 1:1 Reiki Healing sessions or Private Coaching sessions taken during the weekend
  • Travel insurance


Our Venue for the retreat is an incredible country house owned by the national trust, very out of the way on the Cornish coast. We have very carefully selected this location to give you space, quiet and beauty that you need and we no that it is a great fit we the retreat that we have out together.

Lamledra House, Gorran Haven, Cornwall

(the address & directions to the Retreat venue will be given to you upon booking)

Jay Halford – www.jayhalford.com

My name is Jay Halford and I have been working as a chef for 12 year, I never really agreed with the stereotype of the chef life style of stupidly long hours fuelled by drugs and alcohol that you find in a lot professional kitchens (this is changing a lot in the last few years by the way), but it was all I wanted to do when I left school and I wanted to be the best I possibly could at it.

I found I would never really fit in with the people at a lot of places I worked in the first couple of years. They used to think I was strange if I went for a run on my break, And WOW when I got into juicing and turned up to work in the morning with a bottle of green smoothie that was just insane to them. But I didn’t let that effect my mission. All I wanted to do was work hard and learn as much as I possibly could from the experience of being there. I was determined that I was going to get out and start my own thing as soon as I felt I had enough knowledge and was able to do so. At the time I had absolutely no idea what that was going to be by the way

My name’s Jay Halford and I’m on a mission; a mission to re-educate people into realising how easy it is to make the transition into feeding their body what is so desperately craves.  

My background as a chef and in catering has meant that for me, taste always comes first. I believe that you should recognise every ingredient that is used in a recipe; how they are best combined to create the ultimate taste. 

Where did my journey begin? Well, my love of food began at the age of 13; I worked in a busy Italian restaurant, washing pots for what can only be described as a nutcase of a chef with a huge passion for food. It was here that I decided that upon leaving school I would complete an apprenticeship – I did and then got straight into it. I started work at Lords of the Manor, A Michelin Star restaurant close to my home in Cheltenham. There, I met a great friend, Mark; his work ethic was impressive, he showed me his dedication to food and the hard work it entailed. 

I won’t lie, after two years of learning everything involved, the long hours and stress became too much. I was beginning to lose my love of being a chef – not of food though, nothing could dispel that. This was a life-changing time as it prompted me to travel the world. You can imagine the variety of foods, juicing and techniques I was exposed to – this just fuelled my love of food even further. I realised I could still do what I loved doing but in the way that I wanted to do it. It is now a massively growing trend, with many more people now consciously thinking about their health and what they are putting into their bodies.

Returning to Cheltenham, I knew it was time to incorporate my new way of thinking into my life. A personal trainer friend of mine introduced me to raw food and clean living; I was hooked. Adopting juicing and raw foods into my life, it had a profound effect and I wanted to share this with the world. This is when ‘The Core in Cheltenham’ was created.

I continued to run the Core in Cheltenham for 4 years whilst building my personal brand and getting myself everywhere and anywhere that would have me doing pop up restaurants and workshops. 

I now for the past 3 years have been very focused on retreats and consultancy catering for groups of health and wellness warriors and helping other businesses to transition to healthier food options. 

I have been lucky enough to travel all over the world doing this and am now very excited to launch my very own retreats with two great friends in a beautiful place that has been drawing me in and trying to get me there – see you in Cornwall beautiful people!

Graeme Holland – http://purapressed.co.uk

I’m Graeme Holland, managing director of Pura Pressed. With over 20 years experience in the hospitality industry and after studying nutrition, I set out to create a Plant Based food and drinks company focusing on changing the way we look at food. With the average persons daily diet lacking in fruit, veg, nuts, seeds, grains and pulses, this is exactly what we use to develop our range of cold pressed juices, snacks & desserts and soups.

All our products are gluten, dairy, refined sugar, soy and palm oil free so suitable for vegans, celiacs, diabetics, people suffering with allergies or looking to reduce sugar intake. Completely unpasteurised, no preservatives or additives and 100% plant based. 

Since I began working in the kitchen at 15 I have spent 2 years at college, then spent my career working in hotels, restaurants, bars, sports clubs and coffee shops. Having spent my early years living in France I became passionate about food, it was my studies regarding plant based diets which made me realise, that we needed a brand of food and drink which can be trusted and knows as healthy, nutritious and plant based.

Since I was a teenager, nutrition has fascinated me, the ailments and issues which can be cured or reversed simply with good nutrition is amazing, proving we are what we eat!

So we look forward to you joining us at the retreat and enjoy our collaboration.

Amanda Forster-Searle – http://nourishhealing.co.uk

I’m Amanda Forster-Searle, owner of Nourish Healing.  I am an Integrative Wellness Coach specializing in Nutrition, Meta Health (Stress Coaching), Life Coaching, Reiki Energy Healing, Crystal Healing, Law of Attraction Coach & Essential Oils Advocate. 

Life is about giving our mind & bodies the best chance. By working with the mind & body together, I can help you evaluate symptoms of dis-ease and blockages in your energy system.

By using my healing & coaching methods, I can help to then realign your mind & body to be in balance & harmony. This enables your mind & body to self heal.

Nutritional Healing will help your body to work the best way possible, nourishing every single cell and allowing it to work naturally.  By doing so it will enable you to reach your goals and help your body with any healing process.

A little bit more about my past….After over 25 years working in the media & software industry, endless hours commuting and many long hours working I decided to follow my passion and more importantly what I believe is my calling (given numerous signs along the way, including a major work induced breakdown & depression), to help & heal people.

Like most of us, I myself have been on an evolving journey with my health & weight years ago, but every twist and turn on that path led me to a place whereby my own inner beliefs and knowledge showed me the direction I should be taking.  Ever since a wake up moment back in 2005 I knew I had to listen to my body more and understand the signals it was showing me better.

I followed my path of learning to re-train in Nutrition, Integrative Wellness & Meta Health (the latter looks at how the mind & body reacts to stressors, be it emotional, chemical, poor diet etc. and what signs the body gives and how to therefore minimise & avoid these and prevent dis-ease).

I have always found physical activity necessary to balance the mind & keep the body healthy so enjoy running, walking and generally being outside in nature.  In 2007 I realised that I was missing an added dimension to my mind & body connection and took up yoga & meditation.  The practice of these became part of my daily life and enabled me to ground myself better and work with the universal energy seamlessly.

My deepening spiritual journey also kept directing me to Reiki as I felt drawn to working with the body’s energy system more to be able to help the mind & body to heal itself, and remove blockages and chords from the past.  I trained under two amazing Reiki Masters, and chose to complement these attunements by using crystals too, using the earth’s energies to amplify the Reiki.

I look forward to helping you over the weekend as we work with the mind & body together.  I will guide you, support you and encourage you, so that you can allow your mind & body to heal the best way possible, and in doing so enable you to really thrive!  Working with Jay & Graeme is a dream, as these guys will ensure you are completely nourished with delicious & healthy raw & plant based food all weekend too, in addition to teaching you ideas you can recreate in your own homes.  

With lots of love & light 

Amanda x

Mindfulness & Meditation

Raw & Plant Based Food


Cookery Classes


Stress Reduction Techniques

Energy & Crystal Healing

Life Coaching

Reconnection to Nature & Grounding

Aura awareness & protection exercises


(plus a lot more)

Our Awesome Yoga Teacher

Debi –

Debi recently attained her 200 hour Yoga Teacher Training qualification at ‘The Cornwall Yoga Centre’ in Truro. After 2 years of home practice Debi’s enthusiasm for Yoga and for teaching gave her the opportunity to combine both passions together. With a Holistic Healing background, Debi likes to bring a therapeutic and knowledgeable approach to her classes making it inviting and accessible for Everyone. Debi likes to teach Hatha Yoga as well as Yin Yoga.

Hot water lemon/juice shot



Stress – mind/body talk

Letting go exercise


Grounding/Protection exercise/aura/chakras

Nutrition/Food talk/demo 

Tea & Cake

Freetime/Reiki sessions


Guided Meditation/Relaxation exercise


The Food

You will be absolutely spoilt with two awesome plant based chefs over the weekend, combined they have over 10 years experience in cooking for health and with optimum nutrition in mind.

The menu for the weekend with be packed with nutrients inspiring you and showing you that food can not only be amazing for you body but also an amazing experience for your tastebuds showing you that healthy food is in absolutely no way boring.

You will be enjoying:

  • Breakfast – with cold pressed juices from Pura Pressed
  • Lunch
  • Evening meal

With loads of healthy snacks in between meals for you to enjoy.

We want to show you a range of super healthy meals that you will also get all the recipes for so that you can retreat them yourself at home with ease.

At a glance:

Duration: 3 Nights

Location: Gorran Haven, Cornwall

Activities: Mindfulness & Meditation, Raw & Plant Based Food, Nutrition, Cookery Classes, Aromatherapy, Stress Reduction Techniques, Energy Healing, Life Coaching, Yoga

Cost: Is dependant on your room choice, please see the form at the bottom of the page for pricing.

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