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I know we know we shouldn’t but we still sometimes do believe what we read (depending on who has written it), but don’t worry, I’m here to help clear through the food blogger fog!

You will have, in no doubt, noticed the huge rise in food bloggers/ vloggers/ Instagrammers/ cook books/celebrity chefs–I’m sure there’s more–that have taken the world by storm over the past few years. It’s great that people are taking a much closer interest in their health and what they eat; advocating meals cooked from scratch, and consuming foods as close to their natural state as possible. However, there can be far too many conflicting voices out there, which can lead to confusion; how do we know who’s right?

This food fog can lead people down an unpleasant experience; a diet that doesn’t cater to their own dietary requirements, under nourishment, elimination of certain food groups when there is no need to (gluten, carbs, dairy) often resulting in a sense of failure and feeling rubbish about yourself and your willpower. Let alone potentially damaging your health. Rubbish.

Unfortunately many, but not all, of the “wellness gurus” do not have the knowledge and background to safely advise on how people should be eating. The subliminal message is: “eat like me to look like me”, which is difficult for people like me, to digest. Pun intended. Where some bloggers endorse eliminating certain food groups, others will advise against it; others can promote cheat days, others will scorn it. It can often be that the advice that people follow is based on their own experience and beliefs and not from that of a regulated dietician.

It’s not surprising why these “gurus” attract such a large audience: most people would like to be healthier/lose weight/have more energy… and so look to others who have had their own ‘transformations’ and then follow their advice to get the same results. Sound familiar? We’ve all been there!

There are many subjective disagreements out there, which dilute the real message; there is not a ‘one glove fits all’ approach. It’s about researching into what works for you–not that “nutritional health coach” with hundreds of thousands of followers advice– that’s not to say there won’t be good advice there but be cautious as to who you follow.

Embrace a diet that encourages natural, nutrient and calorie dense homemade foods over processed junk food; drink plenty of water and be active everyday. This is the path to optimum health and deep down, we all know that, don’t we? As tempting as it is, please avoid quick-fixes–they will not sustain you or be the answer. I promise you that. If it’s inspiration that you’re after then you’re in the right place–check out any of my recipes and tweak them to work for you and your family.

Let that food fog be lifted, friends. Healthy eating doesn’t have to be complicated or boring. Make it work for you!

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I am a health-conscious chef specializing in plant-based cuisine that incorporates juice programmes, food programmes, online cooking courses, recipes and educational resources that inspire the pursuit of a healthier way of living. I believe that your diet is supposed to be your greatest ally, supporting you to feel strong, look good, think clearly and achieve your goals, nothing less. A consistent healthy plant-based diet does that 100% - and I am committed to helping you experience its real healing power so that once you discover it, you'll never want to look back.

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