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Inspired Cooking

Plant-based Ramen Jay Halford Plant-based Cooking Course

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Plant-based Inspired Cooking

Welcome to the Plant-based Inspired Cooking Course! I am Jay Halford, your chef throughout this 7-module cooking experience. Thank you for joining!

The main reason why I created this course was to show you how to cook easy healthy plant-based meals from scratch, at home, using day-to-day ingredients and equipment, so you can give healthy nutrition the chance to become your greatest ally, as I like to say.

Apart from helping you look better and feel stronger, a plant-based healthy way of eating has real healing power when it comes to your mindset and your overall mood, too. There is something extremely refreshing and rewarding in going back to the basics, in pursuing a simple way of living, in being more conscious about ourselves and about the world we live in.

I wish the Healthy Plant-based Cooking Course offers you the knowledge, guidance, inspiration and support you need to develop healthier eating habits and sticking to them over the long run, for all the right reasons. Hope it helps.



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Knife Training Jay Halford Plant-based cooking course

Module 1: Kitchen Training and Techniques

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Module 3: Side Dishes and Dressings

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