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Super healthy and super fulling breakfast, full of goodness. A real quick and easy breakfast option. This is my basic recipe but you can chop and change how ever you feel is right – Maybe try it with some fresh fruit and berried in it too !


The Muesli: (makes 2 servings)

I have linked all of the products and ingredients for you with all of my preferred and recommended to make shopping quick and easy for you.



Soak your chia seeds in all of your home made almond milk (check out my home made almond milk recipe if you don’t already make your own). Or use your coconut milk if you are not making your own.

Add in your muesli to the chia seeds and milk.

Leave this to soak for around 5 minutes for the chia seeds to absorb a bit of the liquid.

Fine chop your apple and banana and add it into your bowl with the rest of your mix.

Finish it off with your salt, coconut nectar and cinnamon, tasting as you go to get it just how you like.I like mine with loads of cinnamon 🙂

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