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I love avocados. I bet you love them too or have at least been seduced by their charm and inclusion in pretty much anything deemed green and healthy. Sales of the green fruit have risen by over 39% and are increasingly popular on menus and in the home. They appear to be the superfood of choice. That and kale, of course. However, this blog isn’t to rave about the endless qualities that a perfectly ripe avocado can have on both your body and Instagram feed but rather to discuss the ‘Avocado Hand’ – and how to avoid it.

Avocado hand – is that even a thing? Yes, it actually is.

You, of course, will be familiar with this term if you have had the unfortunate curse of the avocado hand. You know how it is; you reach for that ripe (you hope) avocado, place it comfortably in the palm of your hand and begin to slice it in half and… OUCH! Yes, dear readers – that right there, is the avocado hand.

The increase in their popularity has followed a rise in accidental injuries at home that has been coined ‘Avocado Hand’.  This is not a small cut that a simple plaster can cure but a painful slice that can, potentially, leave you with a throbbing hand, rush to the hospital and stitches!

Who knew that something so lovable could be so cruel?

How do we prevent avocado hand?

I’m pleased you asked. Instead of cupping the green fruit in your hand follow these simple steps:

  • Remove the small stem from the avocado.
  • Use your thumb and index finger to stabilise the avocado on your worktop.
  • Use a sharp knife and slice the top of the avocado, down to the pip.
  • With the knife still in the flesh of the avocado, hold the knife parallel to your worktop and use your other hand to twist the avocado 360°.
  • Now you can use your hands to twist the two halves apart and marvel in its perfectly green formation and rejoice in avoiding the ‘Avocado Hand’

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