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4 Layered Banoffee Cheesecake

Thats right you heard me correctly – Healthy Cheesecake. This really is the Ultimate dessert and by far one of my favourite creations. You have the different texture of the crunchy base against the super creamy double layered fillings. Magic

  • Cuisine: Vegan Bakes
  • Preparation Time: 30 Minutes
  • Setting Time: 2-8 hours
  • Servings: Makes 12 healthy portions
  • Allergens: NUTS
  • Requires: A food processor, cake ring, pallet knife, chopping board and chef’s knife
  • Little Tip: When Making raw cakes, alway use a bottomless cake ring to make it easier to get it out of the ring. With these you can just slide it off and over the top!


Buckwheat and almond cake base:

Banana Layer:

  • 2 whole bananas

Date Caramel Layer:

Cashew Nut Cream Layer:


For the Cake Base:

In the food processor or high speed blender, blitz to a fine powder the buckwheat with the whole almonds, lucuma powder, salt and cinnamon.

When it is as fine as you can get it, start adding in the dates and blend again on full power. This will then start to bring the mix together and a sticky dough will begin to form.

Making sure all of the dates are blended and no large bits are still in the mix, add in the melted coconut oil and coconut nectar. This will then bring all the ingredients together and it should be very easy to remove from the blender in one whole lump of dough.

Line a tray with baking parchment and the cake ring on top of the paper. Now press the mix into the ring, making sure you really press it down to get a nice firm base (I normally would do this with the back of a spoon or by just putting a little cold water to dampen my hand – this makes it a lot easier to press the base mix in without it sticking to your hands to much).

Place the base in the fridge until it has firmed up (roughly half an hour). While this sets,  you can be making the next layer.

Second Layer:

When the base is firm, cover the whole thing with thinly sliced banana macerated in a little bit of lemon juice to stop them going brown – then place the base back into the fridge.

Third Layer / Date Caramel:

Soak your dates for half an hour to soften them, this will help your caramel consistency when you blend them.

When you are ready to make the caramel, drain off and rinsed the soaked dates.

Place them in a high speed blender with 100ml of filtered water, 50ml coconut oil, 50g cacao powder, pinch of salt, tiny splash of liquid aminos and 1 teaspoon of ground cinnamon powder.

Blend on the highest speed for about 1 minute until super smooth, then with a small pallet knife even this out over the top of the banana layer that we put on top of your cake base.

Place in the fridge or freezer to set this layer depending and how fast you are trying to make it.

Fourth Layer / Cashew and Banana Layer:

In the food processor or blender blend the cashew nuts with the  2 whole bananas, coconut milk, the juice of one whole lemon, cinnamon, a pinch of pink salt and coconut nectar.

Blend this for a few minutes, making sure it is super-smooth, then slowly add in the liquid coconut oil while it is still blending.  This will ensure the mix is not cold when you are adding the coconut oil.  If the mix is cold, the coconut oil will set to fast and won’t mix together properly, your coconut oil will seize and leave lumps.

Making sure that the date layer is fully set, pour the cashew nut and banana cream on top, filling the ring level with the top and giving a little shake to make sure there are no air bubbles left in the mix.

To Finish the Cake:

After leaving your cake in the fridge over night or in the freezer for at least 4 hours, take it out and using a small pallet knife, run it around the entire cake ring to loosen and remove your cake.

Sprinkle the top of your banoffee cake with cacao powder!

Slice and serve!

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